Meganisi island at Ionio sea

Sailing holidays offer a unique and adventurous experience that appeals to a wide range of people. Here are several reasons why someone might choose sailing in Greece:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Sailing allows you to explore stunning coastlines, islands, and remote coves that are often inaccessible by land. The picturesque views and tranquility of the open sea can be a breathtaking experience.
  2. Freedom and Flexibility: Sailing provides a sense of freedom and flexibility. You’re not confined to a single destination, and you have the flexibility to change your itinerary based on weather conditions or your preferences.
  3. Adventure and Exploration: Sailing holidays are inherently adventurous. Navigating the open waters, discovering hidden gems, and experiencing the thrill of sailing itself can be incredibly exciting for those seeking an adventurous getaway.
  4. Disconnecting from Technology: Sailing allows you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With limited connectivity at sea, it provides an opportunity to unwind, relax, and focus on the present moment.
  5. Learning to Sail: For those interested in sailing, a sailing holiday provides an excellent opportunity to learn or improve sailing skills. Many sailing holidays offer the chance to take sailing courses or have a skipper on board to guide and teach.
  6. Group or Family Bonding: Sailing holidays can be a great way for friends or family to bond. Living on a boat and working together as a team to navigate and maintain the vessel can create lasting memories and strengthen relationships.
  7. Diverse Destinations: Sailing allows you to explore a variety of destinations in a single trip. You can visit multiple islands, coastal towns, and diverse landscapes, experiencing different cultures and cuisines along the way.
  8. Water Activities: Sailing holidays often involve a range of water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. This adds an extra layer of enjoyment for those who love water sports.
  9. Relaxation and Serenity: The gentle rocking of the boat and the sound of the waves can create a tranquil and calming environment. Sailing holidays offer a unique form of relaxation that is distinct from traditional vacations.
  10. Environmental Consciousness: Sailing is generally considered a more environmentally friendly way to travel compared to traditional motorized cruises. It aligns with the principles of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.
  11. Sunsets and Night Sailing: Watching the sunset from the deck of a sailing yacht can be a magical experience. Additionally, night sailing under the stars offers a unique perspective on the sea and the surrounding environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice, a sailing holiday can provide a memorable and enriching experience with a combination of adventure, relaxation, and exploration. So don’t hesitate, charter a sailing boat and begin a completely new experience that will never be forgotten. Have in mind that you may live your dream whether you have a sailing license or not (bareboat or with a skipper).