Ermioni, Peloponesse

About Ermioni

Ermioni is situated in, and gives its name to, the whole Ermionida area in the South-East of the Argolida (Argolis) region, within the Peloponnese, mainland Greece. It is a beautiful Greek coastal town, very central to many places of historical and cultural interest, surrounded by charming coves and beaches. A magical place that once you have been and explored, will bring you back again and again.

Ermioni (Ancient Hermione) can be divided into three sections. The commercial Limani port and harbor is located on the Northern side, with the lively Mandrakia on the Southern side of the peninsula. At the Eastern end of the town, is the archaeological pine-cladding forest area called the Bisti. Here one can enjoy leisurely walks at any time of the day, as there is plenty of shade, and visit the 5th Cen. BC temple of Athena, and other ancient, Byzantine, and Medieval monuments. You can also swim in the clear blue sea, from the rocky coves along the Southern side of the Bisti, which overlook the islands of Dokos and Hydra. There are no beaches in Ermioni, apart from a very small stretch of sand close to the Bisti, where some local residents go to enjoy their swims. The sea surrounds the town from three sides, giving the feel of being on an island, but without the possibility of being stranded in adverse weather conditions.

Certain travel books have referred to Ermioni as a coastal town of captivating beauty, which is a good description, as it still remains authentically Greek, charming, hospitable, and friendly. For the visitor to Ermioni, there are numerous amenities, the post office, ATM machines, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, physiotherapist, a tourist office where you can buy boat tickets for the nearby islands and car rental, real estate offices, taxis, buses to Kranidi and Kosta, various shops, supermarkets, hairdressers, cafes, bars, and tavernas.

Ermioni has one of the best micro-climates in the whole region, with the summer months being hot and sunny, and the winter months being warm, mostly dry with clear blue skies, which makes it a perfect time to visit.

There are many Places to Visit such as Epidavros, Nafplio (once the capital of Greece), Tiryns, Mycenae, etc. Take the opportunity to explore the pre-historic cave at Franchthi and the caves at Didyma, go rock-climbing at Lizard Rock in Thermisia, cycling, hiking, walking, especially through Katafyki Ravine, or just relax on the many nearby Beaches and swim in the crystal clear blue sea. You might wish to explore the near-by islands, then the Argo-Saronic islands of Hydra, Spetses, and Poros are just a short boat ride away. All three islands will offer you a different experience. Methana with its spa and volcano is not too far away for a day visit from Ermioni.

Ermioni’s war memorial, situated in front of the tourist office, is the main focal point of Limani harbour. From this point, one can wander up to the Old Village of Ermioni, situated on the crest of the hill. Explore some of the back streets and see the local people going about their everyday lives, of which many will greet you with a warm friendly “Yassas”. The old village has the Ermioni Museum of History and Folklore, an antique Toy Museum, the 9th Century Metropolitan church of Taxiarches (Archangels), and the church of Agia Panaghia, the original 1888 village school in front of the village library. One village street is called Melina Merkouri Street, named after the famous Greek actress, singer, and cultural minister, who used to come to visit her grandfather that once lived in Ermioni.

Ermioni has a reputation for producing fine products, such as pomegranates (annual festival in October) citrus fruits, and the well-known local olive oil, which had been voted one of the best in Greece some years ago. From the neighboring village of Didyma and the nearby mountain village of Iliokastro, there are some wonderful wines produced to accompany the local Greek cuisine.

Geographical Info
Longitude: 23o 25′ 59.99″ E   –   Latitude: 37o 44′ 59.99″ N

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